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Upcoming events

Reforming the Civil Service for the 21st Century

07 March 2024 - Lunch meeting - Login for venue

Rt Hon Lord Maude of Horsham,

Numerous problems in recent decades show that the management of the Civil Service does not reliably match the needs of the country in a fast-changing world. The Covid Inquiry provided examples of governance and accountability failures during a crisis. Such a disconnect is serious for the effective m... Read More

Managing the business of the House of Commons

16 April 2024 - Lunch meeting - Login for venue

Lucy Powell MP, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons

The Leader of the House of Commons has the vital role of scheduling the work of the House in order that as much as possible of the government’s legislative agenda is delivered intact. In 2024, the last session of the current parliament, the Leader will be managing the progress of the 2023 King’s... Read More

Events in planning

Labour’s Green Prosperity Plan will attract private investment

Getting serious about saving energy in housing

Delivering real benefits from science, innovation and technology

Improving our digital infrastructure would be a win/win for businesses and the economy

Reforming UK corporate governance is key to invigorating the UK economy

Funding radical change

The key role of science and technology in turning the UK into a leading 21st century economy.

Foreign and defence policy issues that may impact on business prospects.

Housing and pension issues in the UK economy.