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Alison Munro

Managing Director - Development, HS2

Alison is Managing Director – Development and was formerly Chief Executive of HS2 Ltd from early 2009 when the company was established  to develop proposals for a new high speed railway line from London to the West Midlands and beyond. HS2 is the biggest transport infrastructure project in Europe. Alison has led development of detailed route proposals for Phase One from London to the West Midlands and the preparation and management of a hybrid bill currently in Parliament, and is also leading work on routes for Phase 2 to Manchester and Leeds. Previously Alison was a director in the Department for Transport, responsible for national transport strategy and strategic roads policy, including developing a major motorway investment programme. She spent several years as a senior manager in the Department’s railways group, including as a client for the High Speed 1 project, leading the arrangements for delivery of the second section from Ebbsfleet to London. Alison started her career as a Government economist, specialising in transport, and including a period working at the Treasury.