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Member and speaker testimonials

Zurich Financial Services,

The Industry Forum provides stimulating and productive interaction with Ministers and MPs - with a focus on business rather than politics.

The Quarry Products Association,

We have been members of the Industry Forum almost since its inception and have particularly valued the opportunities it has given us to discuss fundamental issues of policy and interest.

The Packaging Federation,

The only organisation to provide a senior level platform for dialogue with UK Ministers and senior civil servants in UK and Brussels on a wide variety of topical subjects.

HSBC Holdings plc,

Industry Forum meetings and discussions form part of the early-warning process which allows us to talk through impending developments with those who are driving the changes and others who will be affected by them.

Gallaher Group plc,

A great opportunity to discuss the working relationship between business and government and to develop some of the issues which concern the main parties.

Construction Products Association,

The Industry Forum has provided us with the opportunity to meet and discuss with Government Ministers and other senior figures on issues that have impact on our industry, and enabled us to inform policy decisions.

Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP,

I enjoyed the Industry Forum meeting to discuss EU membership and found the discussion constructive and helpful.

Angus MacNeil MP,

I was pleased to be asked to speak to the Industry Forum and enjoyed the business-like atmosphere and discussion with professionals able to make constructive suggestions on energy policy and some of the possible technical solutions

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP,

I was delighted to be asked to outline the SNP approach to trade and investment and enjoyed the well-informed discussion with Industry Forum members that followed. Attending the Forum has opened up a range of opportunities to build relationships with the private sector so we can develop a greater understanding of each other’s positions and points of view.

Alok Sharma MP,

I was delighted to be invited to speak to the Industry Forum on the topic of ‘Increasing Trade between East and West’.  It is an incredibly important subject and I enjoyed discussing issues such as trade strategies and increasing productivity.