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The challenges facing legacy banks

22 September 2015 - Late Afternoon Meeting - Login for venue

Panel discussion,

Seven years after the banking crisis, the UK banking sector still faces challenges. Technology failures indicate that core systems are fragile; the RBS share price is still well below the price paid by the government, banks are complaining about the cost of ring-fencing and some are considering relocation out of the country. Above all it is not clear that the vital SME sector is getting the type of lending services that it needs, although these may well be provided by new entrants, using new technology platforms that threaten the traditional players. Come and hear a group of banking sector experts discuss the challenges faced by the banks and possible ways forward.

Other speakers for this event

Keith Saxton

Chairman, techUK Financial Services Council

Josh Ryan-Collins

Associate Director, Economy and Finance, New Economics Foundation

Travers Clarke-Walker

Chief Marketing Officer – International Group, Fiserv