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Policy implications of Quantum Computing

18 November 2021 - Late morning - Login for venue

Chi Onwurah MP, Shadow Minister Digital, Science & Technology

The vast scale of the potential changes and opportunities presented by quantum computing were outlined today at an Industry Forum virtual roundtable on ‘The Policy Implications of Quantum Computing’. Leading the discussion was Ilias Khan, CEO of Cambridge Quantum Computing, who highlighted the intense interest from countries such as Germany, China and the US, the high levels of investment by major digital technology companies, and the sky-high valuations of some pre-revenue startups. Marina Jirotka, Professor of Human Centred Computing at Oxford University, and colleagues Philip Inglesant and Carolyn Ten Holter described the research work they have undertaken leading to the launch of their new report ‘Creating a Responsible Quantum Future’. Overall it was clear that the UK is one of the leaders in quantum computing and this could bring big business opportunities and associated economic benefits. Avoiding some of the mistakes made when previous major digital technology changes occurred will, however, require planning and resourcing that must be coordinated and involve central government.
For more information and a copy of the report, please email jwyer@industry-forum.org

Speakers include:

Chi Onwurah MP, Shadow Minister Digital, Science & Technology

Ilyas Khan, CEO, Cambridge Quantum Computing

Marina Jirotka, Professor of Human Centred Computing, University of Oxford

Carolyn Ten Holter, Research Assistant, University of Oxford

Philip Inglesant, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Oxford