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UK economic prospects for 2022 and beyond

25 November 2021 - Morning - Login for venue

Andrew Smith, Chief Economic Adviser, Industry Forum

The UK could escape suffering the worst Covid 19 hit among the G7 nations, as predicted by the IMF, but it would require some deft policymaking to focus Bank of England and Government actions on targeting growth and implementing a coherent strategy for structural change. This was the broad conclusion of Andrew Smith, Chief Economic Adviser to the Industry Forum at an expert virtual roundtable on ‘UK Economic Prospects for 2022 and Beyond’. CEBR Chief Economic Adviser, Vicky Pryce, contrasted UK performance with that of the EU and pointed out the need for a proper carbon pricing strategy to avoid the UK importing carbon intensive materials. Kate Bell, Head of the TUC’s Rights, International, Social and Economics Department, highlighted the lack of growth in workers’ pay since 2009 and the need for an industrial strategy to address this and many other issues.
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Andrew Smith, Chief Economic Adviser, Industry Forum

Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Adviser, CEBR

Kate Bell, Head of Rights, International, Social and Economics Dept., TUC