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Helping UK Energy-Intensive Industries

26 April 2022 - Lunch meeting - Login for venue

Bill Esterson MP, Shadow Minister (Business and Industrial Strategy)

Vital UK Energy-Intensive industries such as steel, cement, and ceramics face multiple crises: The Ukraine/Russia war has caused a spike in fossil fuel prices that threatens their viability; the need to transition to carbon neutral energy requires large investments in research, and transition, and, there is no overall plan to address these problems. The Industry Forum was therefore delighted that Bill Esterson MP, Shadow BEIS Minister, took time, yesterday, to lead a lunchtime roundtable on ‘Helping Energy-Intensive Industries’. He shared ideas for reducing cost pressures and supporting research, and heard from the industry experts about the complex problems of keeping these essential industries competitive. The meeting was hosted by the Mineral Products Association and Dr Diana Casey, Director, Energy and Climate Change for the MPA, outlined the leading-edge research by MPA members into reducing the carbon emissions from cement production, and the difficulties involved in piloting new fuels such as hydrogen. Robert Flello, the new CEO of the British Ceramics Association, echoed what Diana said. He highlighted the unique difficulties of the ceramics sector which has to use gas as a fuel, needs uninterrupted supply, has to adapt production to new fuels such as hydrogen, and also has many members outside of the areas in which hydrogen will be readily available. The Industry Forum is planning further research and events on this urgent subject.

Speakers included:

Bill Esterson MP, Shadow Minister (Business and Industrial Strategy)

Dr Diana Casey, Director, Energy and Climate Change, Mineral Products Association

Robert Flello, Chief Executive Designate, British Ceramic Confederation


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