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Britain and the EU: Difficult Questions

25 February 2016 - Half day conference - Login for venue


The relationship of the United Kingdom with the European Union is entering a new and possibly decisive chapter. The UK is seeking a new settlement with its European partners through renegotiation, and will put the result to a public vote, asking in a referendum whether to stay in the European Union or to leave.

This conference is part of a project to examine different aspects of the UK’s relationship with the EU and the impact current developments will have on this relationship. Starting with a discussion of the renegotiation agenda and the referendum ahead, the conference will then discuss how the future relations between members and non-members of the Eurozone, such as the UK, can be managed. Finally there will be a debate on the democratic legitimacy of the European institutions.

This conference will offer a great opportunity to hear from expert speakers from a variety of backgrounds, and explore in depth the difficult questions facing the UK and her European partners.

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