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Adjusting to new defence procurement priorities

14 June 2023 - Lunch meeting - Login for venue

Chris Evans MP, Shadow Minister for Defence Procurement

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shattered complacency about peace on the European continent. It has brought defence procurement to the top of the agenda as nations scramble to give urgent help to Ukraine, and also bolster their own defences. So, the Industry Forum invited Chris Evans MP, Shadow Minister for Defence Procurement, to lead a roundtable on ‘Adjusting to new defence procurement priorities,’ hosted by BAE Systems. With a background in modern History, and with Labour riding high in the polls, the shadow minister opened the meeting with industry, academic and diplomatic representatives present, saying that he was here ‘to learn and listen’. From the wide discussion which followed covering supply chain issues, interoperability, high tech procurement, protectionism, equipment standardisation and maintenance, it was clear that defence procurement is a potential minefield for the unprepared.