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What membership provides

Advantages of membership:

Set the Industry Forum agenda

Industry Forum members suggest the topics and speakers for our events according to their own priorities and concerns.

Attend 20-25 roundtable events a year

Our core programme includes 20-25 meetings per year, the majority of which take place over breakfast, lunch or dinner in top quality central London venues. Attendance is restricted to members and invited guests.

Discuss key issues with policy makers and influencers

Industry Forum members participate in discussions with government and shadow government ministers, members of select committees, heads of regulatory agencies, EU and EC representatives and senior advisers and academics.

Explore issues at the early stage

Meetings are often held at the critical early stages of policy development, when input can be most valuable. Business members provide feedback and suggestions; ministers and other policy makers/regulators take soundings and listen to concerns.

Discuss issues and options informally

The combination of senior business people and government representatives provides an environment for constructive, robust and sometimes quite productive dialogue.

Benefit from cross-sector discussions and feedback

Under the Chatham House rule, speakers explore issues and options and frequently appreciate unfiltered feedback from industry professionals across a range of sectors.

Enjoy networking opportunities

Members represent a very wide range of business sectors. Our events give members extensive opportunities to network informally and discuss issues and opinions outside of their own sectors.


Industry Forum members have priority in sponsoring and hosting events, and sponsors can nominate additional guests.