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Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP

SNP Westminster Spokesperson for Trade and Investment

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh is the Member of Parliament for Ochil and South Perthshire, and the SNP Westminster Spokesperson for Trade and Investment. She is National Women's and Equalities Officer for the SNP. Tasmina is a leading Scottish businesswoman, lawyer, screen actress and mother-of-four. Prior to her election in May 2015, she was a senior business and legal practice executive, with extensive and consistent track record of working with national and international clients. She developed specific experience in providing legal support via the Islamic Bank of Britain and United National Bank in Sharia law and Islamic Financial Products, and had a strong involvement in the provision of legal support to historically challenged demographic groups, including Black and Minority Ethnic Communities and Women, and in the provision of advice in Immigration & Human Rights law. She was a Board Member and Chair of the International and Commercial Development Committee of the City of Glasgow College from 2011 until her election, and an Advisory Board member for Yes Scotland, which campaigned in the 2014 Referendum to present the commercial, economic, social and political business case for an independent Scotland. She sits on the Board of a number of Scottish charities.