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The City and Brexit – British and German perspectives

16 May 2017 - Evening meeting - Login for venue

Panel discussion,

It has already become clear that the question of financial and related services will form a separate and substantial component of the negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union triggered by the invocation of Article 50.

This discussion will be considering the negotiating positions of the two parties, the strengths and weaknesses of these positions and possible outcomes for both sides. Such questions as “passporting” and “equivalence”; the interdependence of continental Europe and the City of London in financial services; differing political perceptions of the role of financial services in the modern economy; and future competitive tensions between the financial industries of countries remaining in the EU and the country leaving it will be at the centre of the debate. This is a partner event organised by the Federal Trust, Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Global Policy Institute.

Panellists include:

Nicky Edwards
Independent consultant & Associate at Brexit Exchange

Nicolas Maclean
Commentator on financial services issues

Gergely Polner
Head of Europe Public Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank

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