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Getting higher education right for the 21st Century

19 November 2020 - Morning meeting - Login for venue

Kate Green MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education

As pandemic restrictions continue they are increasing the number of issues affecting all aspects of higher education, vocational, and skills training. Students are facing stress over exam grading assessments, remote working, and problems in transitioning to work in the difficult labour market. Equally employers, under stress themselves, need to recruit from a pool of young people who may not have had the usual education and training. Overlaying these issues is the need to help all workers adapt to new conditions in a rapidly evolving and increasingly digital world economy. Kate Green, MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education, will lead a discussion on developing the policies that will help the UK in ‘Getting higher education right for 21st Century’.

Kate Green, MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education

Kate Shoesmith, Director of Sales & Marketing, Recruitment & Employment Confederation

Dr Hilary Leevers, Chief Executive EngineeringUK

Özlem Onaran, Professor of Economics, University of Greenwich

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