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Delivering a circular economy

26 October 2023 - Afternoon workshop - Login for venue

Kerry McCarthy MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change

Part of the ‘Getting the UK moving again’ series of workshops

For many practical and intuitive reasons, the goal of a circular economy has gained traction but is hard to deliver. Such a project needs to be achieved in steps and each step depends on a range of technologies as well as a suitable policy and regulatory framework and initial investment. To help trigger this process this workshop will bring together experts from the chemical sector, the waste disposal sector and the semiconductor sector to discuss an integrated approach to [some] recycling, the actions needed and the potential benefits.

Speakers will be:

Kerry McCarthy MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change

Jacob Hayler – Executive Director, Environmental Services Association

Thomas Birk – Vice President/Managing Director, BASF UK & Ireland

Scott White – Founder & Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives, Pragmatic Semiconductor